Noru (early access build 4)

Keyboard Controls:

  • Movement: Arrow Keys / WASD
  • Undo: Z or K
  • Restart Level: X or L
  • Color Palette: C
  • Mute: M

Gamepad (XBox) Controls:

  • Movement: D-Pad / Left Stick
  • Undo: B or Y
  • Restart Level: A or X

About early access:

Noru is a work in progress. This alpha version was created for GBJAM 5, and it is fully playable, but the puzzle design is still rough, and updates will change the game significantly in the future.

About the creators:

This game was created by Dave Makes with music by Rachel Berkowitz. All donations made to this game will help them make more cool stuff in the future!

Build Notes

Build 4 - 10.18.2016

  • Undo functionality
  • Gamepad support
  • Player can hold down a button to move

More information

Published Oct 08, 2016
StatusIn development
TagsCute, GBJam, Robots