New music from composer Jasmine Cooper

Mixolumia version 1.2.6 is live! This brings some bug fixes and (finally) a Mac version on Steam! Oh yeah, and there's one more thing...

We are super excited to bring composer Jasmine Cooper on board the Mixolumia team! Josie and I are big fans of Jasmine's work and wanted to bring her unique voice into the game, and I couldn't be happier to present her haunting, funky, gorgeous track, Dissolve, free in this update. ✨🔷🎶


Mixolumia (MAC) 59 MB
Version 26 Jan 20, 2021
Mixolumia (LINUX) 57 MB
Version 3 Jan 20, 2021
Mixolumia (WIN) 57 MB
Version 25 Jan 20, 2021

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