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This looks insane! <3

Great game dude, had me laughing and missing what could have been a great conclusion to a series. 


You will make a sequel.....Did the hypnotising work?

I am seriously considering this


Played through the normal version and had a blast!

I had a chance to play through the Halloween Edition of this game and it was...interesting to say the least. I loved how people kept calling me different names. Although it felt repetative, there was nothing more satifsying than getting to push that button! Even more so than figuring out how to use my crowbar. Haha. Thank you very much for making it. I hope you like the video I made for it on my channel! Happy Halloween everyone! :)

Nice ^^ I really enjoyed how the crowbar worked.

I covered the Halloween edition for my channel. Hope it helps! 



Definitely an improvement from HL2, the graphics are vastly superior and the gameplay is so original and variant, team did a great job on this!

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck for HL4, can't wait to see the sequel, 20 thousand years of waiting totally worth it!


I've only played the Halloween special, not the original. No regrets. GOTY. The only game which is easier to play with a trackpad.


As funny as the dialogue was, I couldn't help but feel a little sad and empty after playing this. RIP Half-Life 3...


Really lovely, thank you!

Cool funny game ... I love it !


I was thinking Halflife 3 when I saw this.. xD